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exalted + aspect of fire by kiyo exalted + aspect of fire by kiyo
A Dragon-Blooded from the White Wolf role-playing game 'Exalted'. She's an aspect of fire from the house Sesus. Still in development with her character design and such, but she's going to be a rich bitch with high breeding and an attitude to go with. Mwah.

Sketch with 2B pencil, inked and coloured in Photoshop CS.

edit: Sesus Shantara Ilyanka. Or, Sesusu Suhanatara Ilyanaka if you want to rape her name into high realm letters. >.>;
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Pilin Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
The hair and the hookswords are stunnign. I don't know what it is about her face that I don't particularly like, but your technique is remarkable.
kiyo Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I don't particularly like the face at this point anymore. My style has evolved since I drew this and overall it looks kind of strangely elongated to me now. Glad you like the rest though!
IxGil Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
very good painting job :deviation:
twiligne Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007
this was the first work of yours i've ever seen, and i'm still in awe with the art-nouveau-ish hair, the stylisation of the facial features, the accessories, by most of all, how masterfully you blended the pattern of the fabric. pure win.
kiyo Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. XD Haha, too bad the character looks nothing like this anymore.
twiligne Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007
owell, i'm sure she still looks pretty. :aww:
gigibg Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006
auth0r Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006
I really like the colors you chose and the details you gave her clothing. Not to mention her expression.
NekoSlade Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006
well, here it is, almost what... three years later? how did the character in game turn out?

great work by the way!
kiyo Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Personality turned out a bit different in the end, she took honour to be the most important thing to her, and is a bit more of a fighter now than a social butterfly. And she looks slightly different nowadays.

Thanks for commenting. :3
Bersagliere Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
This one's pretty good, cool weapons, very dragon blooded-ish. :)
Hettar7 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2005
i'm really impressed with this one. there's just so many aspects of it that are intricate and wonderful. the texture of the different fabrics you've given her to wear are so wonderful together. each is so rich on its own. the shadow is a great addition that just adds that much more depth. the inking on the hair is really nice. you mentioned mucha inspired it. i can tell. the way her boots come together and blend seamlessly up her legs is a neat effect. she does indeed look like a very high society woman with a very strong personality.
Tenshiko Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
a beautiful rendering from an excellent game. Your envisionment of the daiklave pair is unique and i like your use of the tattoo, did you play her?
kiyo Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for commenting. :3 Yes, I've played her for a while in a Dragon-Blooded campaign.
Tenshiko Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
Currently i'm Storytelling in a lunar campaign, good to know that the game hasn't died out yet.
TheGhostWolf Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2005
Great shadow and character design.
Vijay2023 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005
A beautiful image, I love the shadow.
Bugeisha Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
:+fav: Most excellent.
nolavon Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2004
aaaand on my list of underrated artists...*chu* You are amongst those who I shall forever love *nods* ^^ Because you are unique and special and so is your art. YAY! I really love looking at all your picturse. I just feel really bad I cant comment more. KIYO YOU KNOW I STILL LOVE YOU RIGHT? I DOOO!

shiretoko Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2004
Whoa. The colors are vivid :heart: She looks like what she's supposed to be, it's marvelous.

Now hold still while I steal your talent :0 It'll only take a few minutes, I promise.
Chael Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
Very pretty! I like her sickle weopon and the colors are hawt. A beautiful fiery girl indeed.
silpholion Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Lovely designs, esp. the faint red ones on her sleeve. How long did you take to paint those?
albyon Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2004
Amazing detail, Kiyo, the colouring is wonderful. Love the designs on her weapons and the gorgeous tattoo.
Cosmiccastaway Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2004
Black-Riku Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2004   Digital Artist
Beautiful!! :shocked:
I love the coloring!

I'm jelous ..
mizutamari Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2004  Student Filmographer
my gawd! The detailing in this is unbelieveable! How much TIME did you spend on this?! It's AMAZING! *is lost for more cool words!*
kiyo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Maybe five hours. ; Thank you, glad you like it. :D
Katoma Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2004
ooOoo pretty colors!
greekamazon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, wow. ....I LOVE her eyelashes.
I mean... DUDE.
This is freaking amazing.
Beautiful dragon tattoo... And all the little details everywhere...
Mrrrgrrr.... You're amazing. O_O
ChibiMidori13 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
I love her eyes so much... I want them!
Ohhh... Soooo a :+fav: X3
Kurai-Hato Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
The details and coloring are just wonderful! :clap: Beautiful lineart too, definately looks like she has an attitude.
shdowd Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
oo~~~ i love the weapon!!! great design!
Sara-Ford Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
Those... are some awesome swords... @.@ Nice character :clap:
etuix Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Awsome, very beautiful detailing :D :)
vladdamien Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh. My. God.
This is simply delicious. The detail is just insane. I love the flowery patterns you added and all the jewelry...

-Vlad D.
megalithic Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
This picture is just so rich in texture and design and colour and -feeling-.
I really like this one a lot, definately a favourite of mine... It really neat actually because I HATE the colour red-but you make me like it. This picture seems so alive, in a non-realism-ish way. The design, as I said, is so intricate, and the style so fitting to your description of the character.
I really like the way that her hair sort of 'breaks' apart in these swirls-not traditional of the sort of style you work with but very effective. It brings something unique to the piece and to your work.
kiyo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. *bows* I was driven to do the hair in the Mucha-style, and I think it paid off.
Tokyo-Wanderer Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004   Writer
Wow! :clap: This is gorgeous! I love the hair and the clothing. Just brilliant!
tiina Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
She's so hot. (ehehee...geddit? stupid ass jokes... But somebody had to do it, I guess... >.<; )

But seriously. I love her hair the most. Those strands of hair that separate and then go back again to the main body of hair are so cool. And her weapons are great and I am so loving the colours. Actually, there's nothing that I don't like in it.
neocatastrophic Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2004
jensie Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
omg, it's horribly ugly and I think you should stop stealing my artwork XD

*koffkoff* You know I :heart: you so xrated :3 *grabs piyocap and hisses at everyone else* MINE XO *eats artwork, wonders if Piyo understands that's about the highest praise a jen will give*
brianne333 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
OMG I love this one X_X Her hair, and the design, and the sleevelettes, and everything @__@ Gorgeous Kiyo!
ai-forte Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
That is outstanding!!!
BlackRoseDagger Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
Holy.. crap... this is WONDERFUL!!!
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks pretty cool so far. I'd add a little more decoration to the boots. BTW, it's cool to see another Exalted fan out there.
Vidz Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
is very pretty, i love the pattern on her sleeves and her pose and the tattoo is great too :)
chibi-ninja Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
O.O She's hot muwahahaha.
Lord-Jahz Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
ohhh so cool *-* the body is so perfect **
mr-mister Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
whoa! astounding detail!! this blows my mind!!! great work! :D
miredd Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004
Superb coloring. I love her outfit, and such detail...
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